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Americas Cardroom for Small Stakes Poker

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Americas Cardroom is a top site for small stakes poker for several reasons.

Promotions at Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom is giving new players up to $1000 in bonus money. Sign up with the latest bonus code and the minimum deposit is only $25. How's that for small stakes.Many of today's top poker players got there start playing in small stakes poker tournaments and freerolls and winning their way up.

Freerolls at Americas Cardroom Poker Site

Americas Cardroom has freeroll tournaments also.Everyday there are freeroll tournaments at Americas Cardroom. There are freerolls everyday. Or join small stake satellite tournaments and earn wins for larger tournaments up to $500,000. You can also spin to win and join any tournament for as low as a penny. All from small stakes. In addition to this freeroll, Americas Cardroom has a three dollar buyin for the $1500 Guaranteed Touurnament. This tournament is guaranteed and you can re-enter till the entry period closes.

Satellite Seats at Americas cardroom Pokerus

Americas Cardroom has satellite seats to larger tournaments as well. A satellite tourney is a tourney that leads to a larger tournament.For example, you can win a seat to the Punta Cana , one of South America's largest poker tournaments by winning through Americas Cardroom. In addition Americas Cardroom gives frequent player points for more bonuses for your playing time and money. Americas Cardroom is of the best poker sites on the net for this reason.
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Play Poker at Americas Cardroom

Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments by World Poker Tour Winner Jonathan Little

jonathan little world poker tour winner

Jonathan Little has come out with a great book with great reviews on the poker world today. In the beginning of online poker, the games were easy to win. That period is over now with skilled players and lots of coaches and consortiums tips and strategies. The new online poker game is more competitive than ever. Yet, you can still do well. With this book, Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments,  from Jonathan Little, you will cover tips and tricks to improve your game.
Even if you are allready successful playing poker, you can still benefit from this book. I’ve found going to any learning situation, I always come out with some tidbit of information that I’ve overlooked and increases the success of my game.
Poker is like having your own business. Many people dream of it but only a few are skilled at it to make a living from it. Many players find it hard to cash even in the smallest of tournaments. There is a method to the madness and this book will give you enough strategy to kick ass on the tables. Jonathan Little is a two time World Poker Tour Champion.
About this book:
Most players dream of winning the big championship poker tournaments. But like having a business few make any money and most are losing money. Poker is a skill and the trick is to exploit every advantage. Sometimes is gut instinct, sometimes a pair of Aces, sometimes it’s late position. All these factors and more make poker a sport you really can’t predict in spite of all the books and theories out there. If it was regimented everyone would be as rich as can be.
There is a method to the madness though and sometimes there are clues to play and become a better poker player. Each game is different, each hand is different and you must adjust each time. Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments will explain how. In this guide, two-time World Poker Tour champion Jonathan Little writes about strategies he uses that will allow you to overrule your opponents, giving you the opportunity to progress to the middle and high stakes. If you want to learn these strategies that will instantly improve your poker game, click the link and get this book.

Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments

Reader Reviews:

May 3, 2015
As usual, Jonathan Little’s writing style is lucid, and this book is pleasantly easy to read. He is a great teacher capable of presenting poker ideas in a clear and concise way. To me, his best works so far are ‘Jonathan Little on Live no-limit Cash Games,1 The Theory’ and ‘Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 1’. These are without question 5-stars books in no-limit poker.
Back to the subject: the reason this book does not get 5-stars from me is because it is over-simplified in content and has not covered enough scope to achieve its goal: ‘beating Small Stakes Poker’. It focused on describing various player types and how to beat them, categorizing them into ‘playing too many/too few hands’ and cross-referencing them with ‘playing too passively/too aggressively’. This is more or less the same classification of player types into Loose-Passive, LAG, Tight-Passive and TAG, as appeared in many poker concept publications. Nothing new here.There is a very short section on ‘Players who play intelligently’ in this book. Believe me, there is a much better, more detailed and actually brilliant description of this particular player type in his ‘Live No-limit Cash Games’ you don’t want to miss. In fact, I found the ‘cash games’ book has a more detailed study of player types than the subject. But I must say the presentation in this book may be more suited for beginners to the game.
Even for small stakes poker and beginners to the game, I still think that studying how to beat players according to their player tendencies mostly is too simplistic. It should cover some more aspects that are as important to winning, such as awareness and varying the plays with effective stack sizes, how to use having the initiative and position etc.
But you will find all these and much, much more in the two books I mentioned above.
on March 12, 2015
I bought this Kindle book a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Jonathan gives a detailed analysis of identifying player-types in tournaments and gives advice on how to exploit each player-type (the exploits differ greatly among the various types). His writing style is concise and to the point, keeping you focused (I’ve noticed some poker authors have a meandering writing style, making it difficult to absorb the information). You will definitely improve your tournament play if you follow his advice. There’s a lot of concepts discussed so I used Kindle’s “Note” feature to summarize and expand on his points. I’m re-reading it and writing my own document from those notes.

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Online Super Series OSS at Americas Cardroom

Online Super Series OSS at Americas Cardroom

From April 15 to th 24th, Americas Cardroom will be hosting its OSS or Online Super Series. This is a large tournament and gets bigger every year. The climax of this tourney is the 1 million dollar Main Event. To break it down. It’s no small stakes tourney by far with a buy-in of $500 and it’s a long tournament usually lasting greater than 12 hours. But if you can stand it, its great dough with the winner getting around $200,000. There are lots of cheap satellites to this event. And you could always click the enter for .01, .25 or $1 spin and get lucky and enter for one of these amounts.

Other Tournaments

There are lots other tournaments with buy-ins from 0.05 cents yes five cents to a dollar and up. If you’re looking to play at this casino, it’s a great time to do it. There are also a wide variety of tournaments to choose from including PLO8, No Limit Holdem, Ante Up, Mega Stack Turbo, Pot Limit Holdem, as well as 4-Max and 6-Max. Four and Six max indicate the amount of players at the table. Overall it’s an exciting time with something for everyone and all money levels.
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America’s Cardroom Expanding Tournament Choices

Americas Cardroom has expanded their tournament options adding lots of small stakes as well as high stakes tournament to their games selections. Some of the tournaments have entry fees for as low as 0.01 cents. That’s right one penny. It’s a great time to play or test this card room out if you’re looking for a new place to play.
Bonuses for New Players
New players are able to get several bonuses including up to $50 in tourney bucks as well as a freeroll.
Older players are somewhat dismayed . With all the new tournaments, the action is spread over more places resulting in lower prizes for some tournaments. But it’s progress at the same time for Americas Cardroom that has seen its share of the poker market increase dramatically over the last year. PokerStars has been instituting many changes that have made some players look elsewhere. Maybe it’s time for you to check out Americas Cardroom as well.
Below is a snapshot of some the new tournaments offered on Mondays and Tuesdays.

monday-small-micro-tourneys tuesday-micro-tourneys

Join Americas Cardroom

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Turn a Small Stake Into a Large Stake with Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments give players a chance to build their bankrolls into substantial amounts of money with no money invested at all. Most online poker rooms have them. Annie Obrestad, the Norwegian poker star, started out playing in freerolls. Like anywhere, there will be some shooting stars who will shine in freerolls and it could be you. A freeroll is always the best place to be for the new poker player. But the method of poker play in a freeroll isn’t always the way it will be played in regular tournaments.

Freerolls have a very different component. They are free and with no money on the table, many players will go all-in turning a luck and skill game into more a game of luck. They are cool in a way because you learn no hand except royal flush is immune to losing. Three and Five could beat a pair of Aces. What you learn in a freeroll can be very useful later on.

Because of the large amount of all-ins at a freeroll, I decided to give a few tips. Go all-in with gut instinct, high pairs or premium hands only. Don’t try to turn a three and five into a great all-in hand. Instead, fold.Only play if your gut instinct says play. High pairs are perfect for all-ins and equally any pair since they can lead to three of a kind or full house. Premium hands tend to be very good if there’s a corresponding flop card. Premium hands include Ace, King, Queen, Jack combos. You may be tempted to think your hand is great but for freerolls patience is your best strategy.

You really can’t bluff a freeroll since so many people go all-in . You will see many new players going all-in with low unsuited mixed hands like three of diamonds and five of spades. It’s no wonder they lose and a surprise if they win. Taking out some of the guess work will make your game better and yield more winning results.

As your results improve, you have only yourself to thank for taking the chances when you did. Poker is a great game and many of today’s top players started out with little or nothing for a bankroll.

One great place for freerolls is America’s cardroom. They have on demand freerolls. When the pool is at around 450 players , a new freeroll begins. They have these 24/7. Check them out.

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