Turn a Small Stake Into a Large Stake with Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments give players a chance to build their bankrolls into substantial amounts of money with no money invested at all. Most online poker rooms have them. Annie Obrestad, the Norwegian poker star, started out playing in freerolls. Like anywhere, there will be some shooting stars who will shine in freerolls and it could be you. A freeroll is always the best place to be for the new poker player. But the method of poker play in a freeroll isn’t always the way it will be played in regular tournaments.

Freerolls have a very different component. They are free and with no money on the table, many players will go all-in turning a luck and skill game into more a game of luck. They are cool in a way because you learn no hand except royal flush is immune to losing. Three and Five could beat a pair of Aces. What you learn in a freeroll can be very useful later on.

Because of the large amount of all-ins at a freeroll, I decided to give a few tips. Go all-in with gut instinct, high pairs or premium hands only. Don’t try to turn a three and five into a great all-in hand. Instead, fold.Only play if your gut instinct says play. High pairs are perfect for all-ins and equally any pair since they can lead to three of a kind or full house. Premium hands tend to be very good if there’s a corresponding flop card. Premium hands include Ace, King, Queen, Jack combos. You may be tempted to think your hand is great but for freerolls patience is your best strategy.

You really can’t bluff a freeroll since so many people go all-in . You will see many new players going all-in with low unsuited mixed hands like three of diamonds and five of spades. It’s no wonder they lose and a surprise if they win. Taking out some of the guess work will make your game better and yield more winning results.

As your results improve, you have only yourself to thank for taking the chances when you did. Poker is a great game and many of today’s top players started out with little or nothing for a bankroll.

One great place for freerolls is America’s cardroom. They have on demand freerolls. When the pool is at around 450 players , a new freeroll begins. They have these 24/7. Check them out.