Best Ways to Win Online Small Stakes and Freeroll Free Poker Tournaments

To profit in small stakes and freeroll free poker tournaments you need to adopt a specific strategy. This is because the blind structure and the behavior of the competition that you get is different to online tournaments with larger entry-fees.

Blind Structure

Blinds escalate rapidly in most online free poker tournaments and this is particularly true for freerolls. Because of this fact you must always be conscious of your chip stack relative to the blinds.

If your total amount of chips falls below ten times the big blind you should look for opportunities to move all in. Moving all in should not be a tactic that is frowned upon in small stakes and freeroll tourneys if done at an appropriate and opportune time.

It is perfectly fine to shove all your chips in the middle when you’re short on chips and have a reasonably strong starting hand. An ace is definitely worth a race.

You may also consider pushing with any pair if no one has entered the pot yet. This is because of the concept of first-in vigorousness; more people will be inclined to fold when they haven’t invested anything into the pot.

An exception to this advice about dealing with the blind structure is when you’re playing in a deep stack free poker tournament where you’re given a sizable amount of chips to start with. If you have a lot of chips to begin with, you should feel more comfortable with waiting for stronger starting hands to start playing.

The blinds will rise fast, but it will take much longer for them to eat up a significant portion of your stack. You may not drop to ten times the big blind until deep in the tournament.


Outrageous bluffs do have their place in online poker, but this isn’t true for small stakes and freeroll free poker tournaments.

Bluffing simply doesn’t work as well. You should be prepared to a showdown at the river. This is not to say that you shouldn’t bluff. You should, but your cards and the blind structure should dictate how you play for the most part.

Occasionally, there will be opportunities to bluff. For example, if everyone checks to you on the flop and you’re the last to act, you might pick up a small pot by throwing in a bet. However, if one or more players call you, you should play the turn and the river more cautiously.

It’s also hard to pick up any real tells from observing particular players unless you’ve faced some of the players before in cash games or previous poker tournaments. Yet even with that prior knowledge, it can be very difficult to pick up any real tells on a player.

The virtual world of online free poker makes it hard to tell when someone is bluffing or not. You can’t read their eyes or hand gestures. The only thing you can base your impressions off of is how they play their hands. That being said, you can earn more money by figuring out who the maniacs are at the table and who are the rocks.

Maniacs will play almost any hand at almost any time. They may also frequently move all-in. When you have a very strong hand against a maniac, you should slow play them into thinking you’re weak and try to extract as many chips from that maniac as you can.

For the rocks at the table who play passively and will only bet strong hands, you should mix up it up with them a bit. If they check to you, you should throw in a bet because there’s a good chance they will fold. Winning a few pots from rocks can help you to slowly increase the size of your chip stack and potentially help you stay ahead of the rising blinds.

I hope these tips will help you find more success in future small stakes and freeroll free poker tournaments.

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Introduction to Small Stakes Texas Holdem

Small Stakes Texas Holdem

If you type in no limit Texas holdem in to a search engine you will find countless websites and articles about the subject. But what about those of use that want to learn more about small stakes holdem or low stakes holdem? There is much less information on the subject and only a few sources that focus on it.

The Rise of No Limit Texas Holdem

No limit Texas holdem has become one of the most popular gambling card games in the world in recent years. If you have any interest in the game of poker you have seen the growth in the popularity of Texas holdem on TV and online. It is no surprise that people get excited about the game after watching a poker pro go “all in” on a “bluff” to win a million dollar tournament. To many poker player today have learned how to play poker by only watching the few hands that have been chosen for TV. What these new players do not understand is the large number of hands these players have “folded” or “mucked” before they play a hand.

Everyone Wants to be the Next Great Poker Pro

Many new poker player believe to be a successful poker player that they need to first learn how to play like the pros in high stakes no limit holdem. This could not be farther from the truth. To be successful at poker you first need to learn the basic rules and then what many new and old poker players miss, that poker is a game just like any other in a casino, its a game of numbers.

Why Many Players Shy away From Small Stakes Limit Holdem

I can still remember the first time I sat down at a limit poker table in a casino, it was a 3/6 limit holdem table. I thought to myself this should be easy as I had done well for myself playing no limit holdem my first few weeks playing poker. I started out with $80 dollars on the table, thirty minutes later I had been beaten on the river more time then I would like to remember. I vowed that I would never play at small stakes limit poker table again. Many poker players believe that small stakes limit tables are to loose and will keep you from being able to win in the long run. This notion is false. These players lose because of the mind set they enter the game with not because these tables can not be beat.

Were the Real Money is At

It was not until I was introduced to a number of books by an expert poker player that I realized where the easy money really was, at the small stakes limit tables. Small stakes limit games can be so profitable because other players errors can be exploited and much like a card counter in black jack over the long run you will make money exploiting these mistakes because the numbers are in your favor. Over enough hands money is always won in poker because of other player mistakes. The hard part is learning the concepts needed to exploit these mistakes.

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Small Stakes Poker Games – 7 Tips For Winning

Poker is a game of skill, not a game of luck. If you’re looking to make a little (or a lot) of extra cash the next time you play, check out these tips for beating small stakes poker cash games.

  1. 1. Fold your weak hands. Realistically, you only need to play the strongest 20% of your hands. If you only play hands like AQ, AK, the big pocket pairs and the small pocket pairs, you’ll be on the right track.
  1. 2. Playing a tight preflop game is one of the easiest and fastest ways to gain an advantage in a small stakes poker game. By simply tightening up and sticking with stronger hands, you’ll already have a major advantage over the competition.
  1. 3. Don’t call after the flop with weak draws and weak hands. Only continue past the flop if you have top pair or better or a draw to the nuts.
  1. 4. Bet your strong hands like you mean it. The point of the game is to make money with your strong hands! It’s crazy how often I see people checking or betting the minimum with their strong hands.
  1. 5. Not only does betting your strong hands get money in the pot but it also reduces your opponents’ pot odds for chasing draws. Make all your bets be 75% to 100% the size of the pot.
  1. 6. Don’t waste your time bluffing. Bluffs rarely succeed in small stakes games and even when they do succeed, they’re pointless. A straight-forward poker strategy where you bet your best hands and fold your worst hands will pay off ten times more in small stakes poker games.
  2. 7. Learn to handle (and expect) bad beats. Your opponents in small stakes games will put more bad beats on you because they will chase more draws and play more junky hands. That’s a good thing, though, because that means they are giving away all kinds of money the rest of the time.

Just remember that these are only quick-fix tips. If you have a poker game coming up in a few hours and don’t have the time to research a bunch of strategy, these will get you by for now.

Wes is an online poker player and strategy writer. You can find more strategy tips over at the poker strategy section of

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